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The $5,000 Cecelia Siemen Scholarship in the Visual Arts

Purpose of the Scholarship

The Board of Trustees of the South Yarmouth Library Association has sponsored, since 2002, the Cecelia Siemen Scholarship. This scholarship was established in memory of Cecelia Siemen by her family to provide financial aid to a visual arts student enrolled in a college, university or art institute. Students who meet the conditions of eligibility as outlined in the application and who believe they show the most promise for development in one or more areas of the Visual Arts are encouraged to apply. Visual arts is understood to include, but is not limited to, painting in any medium, graphic arts, sculpture, photography, animation, film and textile art.  

The award is aimed at advancing the study and knowledge of someone who is likely to make  future contributions in the visual arts field. There are no residency requirements. Applicants near and far are considered equally for this award. The recipient will have an opportunity to display examples of their art work in the South Yarmouth Library and the Cultural Center of Cape Cod from June 1 – July 4, 2021.  

The award is to be used for the recipient’s qualified educational expenses such as tuition, fees and course materials at an eligible college, university, or art institute.

Siemen Scholarship

2020 Scholarship Winner Caroline Brodt

Caroline Brodt, of Barnstable, is currently a junior at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) pursuing her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree majoring in Advertising Photography. Her work will be on display in Owl Hall at the Cultural Center of Cape Cod located at 307 Old Main Street, South Yarmouth. Caroline graduated from Barnstable High School and participated in The Arts Works Program sponsored by the Cape & Islands Workforce Development Board. This is where she first connected with her mentor, Julia Cumes, and eventually accompanied her to Kenya and Cuba on various photography trips. Since entering RIT, she has been traveling to Cuba while assisting photography workshops, volunteering for Special Olympics Winter Games on the environmental portrait team, photographing for the Cape Cod Times, collaborating with artists, freelancing, running her own business, and pursuing personal projects. Caroline wrote the following: “I capture images to freeze time in this constantly changing world. There are endless possibilities when creating art and I am determined to captivate others in the process. Currently, I am working to improve my personal photography business while I obtain my education at RIT in the Advertising Photography program. A significant highlight of my freshman and sophomore year at RIT was volunteering for the Special Olympics New York Winter Games as a member of the portrait team. Although this event only lasted a single day, I was overwhelmed with excitement from the relationships and memories I created with the upperclassmen and professors. I crave these types of connections with individuals especially in the photography community. Collaborating closely nurtured my discovery and I look forward to maintaining and preserving these relationships throughout my career. I feel empowered as I continue to explore in hope to contribute to this network along the way.”